The Dreamer Phase:

  • Characterized by ‘thinking’ about getting fit and a true desire to make a change.
  • At this phase you may be envious of others who are fit and commonly have excuses, justifications and obstacles that are preventing you from getting started.
  • Likely lack the support and/or may not be surrounded by like-minded/health conscious individuals
  • In this phase often you have become ‘defined’ by circumstances (i.e. had a baby but never got back into shape, started a new job, failed relationship, or new unhealthy relationship etc.)


  • Self reflection/personal evaluation – determine what’s holding you back and what activities interest you.
  • Set a benchmark on your fitness level by completing a fitness evaluation

The Doer Phase:

  • Key element is action – you start to do what you envision rather than just thinking about it.
  • No longer just wishes and dreams about it but searches for exercise solutions, makes the effort, prioritizes and creates momentum


  • Commit to realistic weekly routine based on your longer term goals
  • Be sure your routine is interest-driven, convenient and realistic

The Plateau Phase:

  • Results have come to a halt
  • Common stage in any aspect of life
  • Not only at a physical plateau but exercise/fitness may have become monotonous – leading to a mental plateau
  • Different people have different durations of plateaus
  • Need for a kickstart of something fresh, something different to spark interest, inspire action and get you motivated again.


  • Nutrition assessment and overhaul
  • Change the stimulus of your workout routine (seek a new class, activity or event)

The Breakthrough Phase:

  • Characterized by someone who is completely and consistently ‘dialed in’ to the idea of wellness, challenge, personal growth and prioritizing health and fitness.
  • There is a true ability to harness the power of the mind, thoughts and therefore actions
  • Making a point of challenging yourself mentally and physically.
  • Consistently search for inspiration and thrive on challenge that promotes growth
  • Completing a monumental event that you have put hard work and training into.


  • Setting an event goal
  • Training to ‘live the lifestyle’ and experience rather than just goal attainment
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