It’s holiday season and we’re inundated with busy schedules & holiday parties –  it becomes harder to stay on track with your fitness & healthy food choices.  The key to success is to awareness and short, effective workouts.

Holiday Health Saving Tips:

  • Awareness is key – on your mind, off your behind
    • the more you are aware of what you’re consuming during the holidays, the better your efforts will be to moderate and make choices that can maintain your weight as opposed to adding to it.
  • Meal before Mingle
    • Here’s a simple trick to prevent overindulging at holiday parties – have a healthy meal right before you go to your party!
  • Don’t drink your calories
    • It’s easy to consume a large amount of calories without realizing it when it’s coming from liquids.  Add to that, sodas, juices and alcohol and you’ll be surprised just how quickly the calorie count climbs from sugar.
  • Think Veggies & BBC’s
    • This is the time of year to load up on veggies as we often eat more baked goods, meats and calorie dense foods.   Veggies are packed with essential nutrients, loaded with goodness and you can consume a lot of them without racking up the calorie count.
  • Simplify snacks
    • Party snacks can be healthy, convenient/easy to prepare as well as taste great.  Look at using meatless, non-fried options for party favours like Yves Veggie Cuisine broccoli or kale and quinoa bites.
  • Commit to move
    • Holiday HIIT Routine – all you need is 20-30min 5x/week to keep your metabolism up and the pounds off!  To increase your success of adhering to a holiday fitness routine get it done 1st thing in the morning before excuses set in.  Additionally, take a full body/multi-joint approach with your exercise choices (for example add a press to your squat instead of doing them separately), not only will you elevate the cardiovascular benefits and calorie burn but you’ll make your workout more time efficient.  Finally, choose approximately 5 exercises and create a timed circuit (30sec -1min/exercise based on fitness level) and repeat the circuit for 3 sets.