80% of all New Year’s fitness resolutions fall short of completion. By mid to end February the number of gym goers goes plummets down to baseline.  What makes such a large number of people quit so early and what is it that keeps those who are committed from dropping off?


• Setting unrealistic, intangible goals with no plan
Not only should your goals be realistic for your current fitness level and lifestyle, they should also be tangible.  If you are just starting out or just getting back into a routine, try starting with 30min or more of exercises 2-3x/week instead of trying to commit to a 5-6 day exercise week.  You can always ramp things up as you develop some momentum and consistency. Remember to have a game plan; in order to do so you need to know where you are at – so get a fitness evaluation to set some benchmarks then map out your plan before you get going.

• Lack of accountability
Accountability measures are important; human nature is to stay where you are comfortable and this can lead to complacency.  To escape mediocrity you need to demand more of yourself.  When you share your plan with others, your success rate naturally rises.

• Lack of variety
We all hear about people hitting a physical plateau with their fitness results; more detrimental than a physical plateau is a mental plateau.  When things become monotonous and overly predictable, your chances of success and continuing are dramatically affected.


• Begin your fitness plan now!
Begin your fitness routine now and plan for consistency to create that momentum before you even get to the New Year.  If you need to get a gym membership – now is the time.  Aside from setting the momentum for your resolutions, you will also find many gym deals prior to the New Year.

• Keep a stocked gym bag in your car
Excuse-proof your fitness plan!  Having a gym bag with your workout gear, water bottle and other necessary items can ensure you reduce your chances of justifying how tired you are and excuses of not being prepared to go workout.

• Invest in a heart rate monitor
Using a heart rate monitor can not only help track your progress but also ensures that you continue to challenge yourself – prevent the plateau!

• Workout with a partner
Research proves that accountability and support significantly increases human potential and the rate of success.  Find a partner to train with and commit to the journey together.

• Try something new each month
Variety is the spice of life!  Injecting something new into your workout routine each month can ensure that you keep things not only physically fresh but also mentally stimulating.  Try a new class, a new workout program or get outdoors for a workout – you’ll be surprised how refreshing it can be to your regular routine.

• Invest in a personal trainer or group training
It is proven again and again that having a coach enables you to push further, train more effectively and experience more significant results.  There are also many cost-effective ways of investing in personal training, such as connecting with others for group personal training.

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