What keeps me going is goals ~ Muhammad Ali

 written by Kelly Halkett Bodnarchuk

Goals, we all have them.  Some of us set goals, some of us hit our goals and some of us never even try.  There is no reason why any of us can’t try.   Think of Tom Dempsey ~ How do you become an NFL kicker if you don’t have a foot? Ask Tom Dempsey. Not only did this famous athlete with a disability have a successful career, but he set the record for the longest field goal ~ he didn’t let his lack of having a foot stop him from attaining his goal in life to become a successful NFL player.

Today when I was at Think Fitness waiting for my training session with Josh, I was reading a book written by Brent Bishop that talks about all of the trainers that work at Think Fitness and it detailed their history and gave you insight into each of them and who they are.  I learned a ton about everyone at the gym and once again was reminded of how amazing all these people are with their fitness skills and experience.

One point that piqued my interest is a small section on each trainer’s bio page titled “ Lowest of Lows.” It then went to talk about when each of them was at a physical fitness low point in their life.  Really, these people had physical fitness low points in their life?  They weren’t born with their bodies being the chiseled pieces of art that they are now?   It blew me away that even the best of the best have had low fitness moments in their life and it was comforting to read that they are “normal” just like you and me and weren’t born with some super human chromosomes that make them naturally fit and svelte without having to work for it.

These people don’t just dish it out to us and make us work hard; they also work very hard themselves for what they have.  I loved reading that some of them used to be really fit in the earlier years of their life and then for whatever reason lost focus on their fitness regime and gained weight and got out of shape.  Sound familiar?  Sounds very familiar to me. These people recognized the road they were heading down and likely set some goals for themselves and then got themselves back to the gym, back into a healthy eating mode and got themselves back into shape and got control of their life again.

Goals, setting them and the payoff

Guess what, their goals paid off and paid off big time.   I am also quite certain that they continue to set new goals for themselves to hit.  Stephanie from Think Fitness set her goal of advancing to a new level with her martial arts and guess what, she was wearing her new blue shorts today at the gym meaning she made it, she hit her goal on Saturday and fought for FOUR hours and made it to the next level.

So, I challenge all of you to set a fitness goal for yourself.  Big, small, medium, large, just set a goal.  What might be small to you might be the world for someone else, so just set YOUR GOAL and get out there and get active.

A great place to start your goal is Stephanie’s class Wednesday morning at 9.15am at Think Fitness45 minutes of cardio and strength training.  Go at your own pace but get out there and get moving again. It will feel great inside and outside.  If 9.15am doesn’t work for you there is another class Friday morning at 6am.  And, I am quite certain many of you don’t regularly have plans at 6am on Friday mornings so really, you have no excuses to not go.

Final comment of the day comes courtesy of Josh ~

“They don’t sell six packs at Walmart, you have to earn it.”