Huffing and Puffing

written by Kelly Halket Bodnarchuk

This morning I asked my daughter Kate if she wanted to walk to school to which she replied, “why would we do that?”  I responded with, “why wouldn’t we?”  Maybe her candid response comes from the fact that in her three short years of going to school we have walked to school only four times. It’s maybe a 10-minute walk from our house to school yet everyday we get into the car and drive there.  Wow, how bad is that?!

So we walked to school today and it felt great and Kate loved it.  There is a set of stairs that we have to climb to get up to school and it’s a pretty steep set of stairs.  When we got to the top both of us were huffing and puffing (okay, if I am honest me more than her) and it is there that we set a goal with each other ~ to hang up the car keys and walk to school daily and to be able to get to the top of the stairs without huffing and puffing.


I did interval training today, my homework assignment from Stephanie and Josh, so I picked these same stairs today for my challenge.  I had 45 minutes to spare before I had to get to a meeting so I decided to climb the stairs up and down for 45 minutes; one complete set was one time up and down.  I noticed that I seemed to start off okay but around the halfway point I would start loosing steam.  When I stopped for a brief second each time I noticed that painted on one of the stairs was the word “WEED.”  I am just going to suggest here that someone noticed all the weeds surrounding the stairs and in the park and was moved by what they say and painted the word “WEED” on the stairs.  Anyway, it started to bug me that I couldn’t make it all the way up the stairs without stopping so I found the loudest, most heart pumping, get you moving music I could find on my Ipod and started the up the stairs again. This time, with my mind focused on nothing but AC/DC blasting in my ears (told you I needed loud music going to get me going), ignoring the fact that my legs were quivering and burning I kept on going and before I knew it I was at the top, and I had long passed “WEED” and got enough energy to go up and down again, without stopping, four more times.

I am not going to lie, it felt great and I still feel great.  I  feel like my butt and thighs turned into steel today.  And I am certain I am going to need those legs of steel tomorrow for Stephanie’s “piece of cake class” at 9.15am at Think Fitness.  

I can’t wait to see my friends there tomorrow morning that have decided to join me for the class (you all know who you are so you had better be there, don’t make me look bad.) I am looking forward to having you alongside me huffing and puffing, feeling great and on the road to looking great!