Why I Gave up Wine: Successful Weekend!

written by Kelly Halkett Bodnarchuk 

I passed, phew!  Weekends are usually very social for me and with the social comes wine and usually a few glasses of it.  I was worried about this weekend, as I have sworn off alcohol entirely till I reach my goal.  I know, I am hearing a collective gasp of shock right now from many of you who know me.  One friend even joked that LCBO sales in the west end were going to fall and they might have to close stores. The social plans for the weekend entailed a Friday night dinner out with friends and a birthday party on Saturday and I was worried.   Could I go to two social events and not have even one glass of wine?  Would I give in and think that since I had a great week I could sneak a few glasses in and start fresh tomorrow?  Well, I am happy to report that I did it, and I drank water both nights and felt great about it.

Brent from Think Fitness asked me how many glasses of wine I had a week and unlike what I tell my doctor at my yearly checkup re my wine intake, I actually confessed the truth on my weekly consumption.  Brent calculated the amount of calories that I was taking in on wine and it was shocking to me.  One 8-oz glass of wine is 200 calories; I only burned 150 an hour when I was doing my fall cleaning the other day, so hearing this news jolted me harshly back into reality.  Brent then figured out that I was adding an extra 1800 calories a week to my diet just from drinking wine; calories that I can easily do without (put your calculators away, stop doing simple math in your head,  I will just confess, that is nine glasses a week.) Over the course of this 13-week fitness goal that is just over 23,000 calories, not a small amount of change!

He also told me the places that the wine tends to stick to… that spare tire I am so desperately trying to get rid of.   That is compliments of Mr. Pinot Grigio and Mr. Riesling.   I suppose I can’t blame it on the three kids anymore!

Why I started a food journal

Also new to me was starting a food journal, everything that goes into my body gets written down.   It certainly makes you accountable for what you put into your body and makes you think about everything that comes across your lips ~ you don’t want to eat something horrible cause seeing words like double chocolate mocha lava infused cake staring back at you all day and reminding you of your downfall isn’t fun.

I didn’t work out at all at Think Fitness this weekend but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything physical.  Saturday I took the day off (trainers orders) resting for what I am sure is going to be a big training week.  Sunday I went for a 30-minute run down by the lake; you can’t beat running down by the water with your favourite music pumping in your ears!  I even brought my six year old along with me and she rode her bike alongside me ~ great physical and mental exercise for both of us.

Week two is just about here and tomorrow I am working out with a new trainer Josh.  My husband has trained with him many times and loves him but says he is hardcore.  After just getting my legs back and being able to walk and climb stairs again with zero pain whatsoever, I am just hopeful that this is still the case after tomorrow morning, stay tuned.