Day Two – recovery jog  5K

written by: Kelly Halkett ~ new client to Think Fitness Studios

Ouch.  Yes, today hurts but a good hurt, a hurt my body is happy with.  I asked Brent yesterday when we were training if I was going to be able to walk today, pick up my kids and he said yes, I would be able to do both.  So I am pleased to report that yes, I can WALK!  Today’s exercise regime was a 5k run down by the lake and then tomorrow I am back at Think Fitness for a class called FIT WOMAN at 9.15am.  I am trying to round up some of the other school yard mom’s to come with me for 45 minutes of heart pumping adrenaline.  Yes, the class is only 45 minutes versus an hour so come it’s easy (well easy in the sense of it being a shorter time period to feel your thighs burn and quiver) but really, would love to have some company tomorrow morning so hope to see you all there at Think Fitness!

Within my next couple of sessions I will also be completing a fitness evaluation to set some benchmarks on all areas of fitness – yikes!  At first I was nervous about this, but they make it so comfortable and inviting at Think Fitness that I am actually pretty excited (not necessarily to see where I’m at) to establish some real and tangible goals.  My next 30 days are going to be completely tailored to achieving some real success that I can actually maintain – super excited! Brent tells me that through this next 90 days I will be working towards revealing what he calls my ‘Think Factor’ – I have an idea of what this is but I am excited about learning more…definitely going to be getting a copy of his book coming out next month!