Day Three – One word – WOW!

 written by Kelly Halkett

I just got back from my workout at Think Fitness and WOW!

Wow because Stephanie, who is this sweet, lovely redhead, who is kind and gentle and always greets you with an amazing smile when you walk into the gym just kicked my butt in one intense 45 minute workout!  Initially when Brent (Trainer God) and Stephanie told me about the workout and said it was only 45 minutes, I thought “piece of cake.”  During the class my “piece of cake” might have turned into me saying something in my head that is not repeatable in this forum.  Now I go back to saying  W O W !

Wow because the two other ladies who were in my class today and were older than me (hopefully, but since I am forever 29 they must be) also just kicked my butt!  What a complete inspiration to be working out with these people who are older than me and so fit!  Honestly, the strength these ladies had was so impressive that it pushed me to keep moving ahead and not give up.

Wow because the workout was unreal and again it was like nothing I have ever done before.  Kettlebells, abdominal exercises with towels, it was all so unique and not even boring or predictable for a second.  The approach Think Fitness has towards fitness is amazing, their technique is flawless and the knowledge behind what they have us doing and why blows me away. These people practice what they preach, when I arrived Brent was out on the floor with everybody else doing his thing and getting in his workout, which was really impressive.

Each time I go to Think Fitness I am more inspired than I was the last time to get fit, and I fall in love with the place more and more.  If you are looking to get fit this is the place to be, the trainers, the other members, the atmosphere, the music, the people, it’s a win win on all accounts!  Looking forward to my fitness evaluation on Friday – WOW – I’m loving how motivated I feel!