Day Four- Day off with Fall Cleaning & Meal Planning

written by Kelly Halkett

Today is a day off from “officially” working out; instead I am giving my house a much needed fall cleaning.  I am climbing ladders, running up and down several flights of stairs, reaching for things high on shelves, and loading heavy bags into my car.  So, I wanted to figure out just how many calories I was burning while doing this self-fulfilling fall purging session.  I Googled an online calorie counter that calculates calories burned while cleaning your house, entered my weight (yuck, but changing that yuck to a yippee!) height and age (yuck again) and determined that I am burning 150 calories an hour just by cleaning the house!  Who knew?  And how amazing is it to know that I am still burning calories while doing simple household chores!

I also am spending the day pulling out all my cookbooks and planning my meals for the week.  Another major component of this lifestyle change that I am experiencing is realizing just how important diet and nutrition are.  I have looked at everything my family was eating and everything we had in our fridge and determined we were doing okay, but we weren’t perfect, which is where I want us to be.  Out came the garbage can and everything that wasn’t healthy was tossed…  there are bound to be some happy raccoons on our street tonight!

Surprising or not so surprising is the fact that my family (my husband) is a little weak on eating veggies (important to note ~ he is a vegetarian, but he doesn’t eat veggies so I call him a pastatarian.) The goal this week is to eat meat free meals all week but meals that are loaded up with protein so we aren’t missing out on anything.   Tonight’s dinner menu ~ Quinoa stuffed peppers, let’s hope it’s a hit!

Tomorrow I am back at Think Fitness for my fitness evaluation with Stephanie; this could be scary.  When I initially started these training sessions my husband told me to pick a female trainer cause they are probably not as tough as the male trainers… ummm, yeah right, I experienced Stephanie’s “piece of cake” class yesterday and am still experiencing it today in my legs!  The fitness evaluation is full tilt from what I have heard but hey,  “piece of cake” I can handle it.  It’s all part of the challenge and my eye is on the prize (itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, black bikini!)