Day One – Experience of Reintroduction to fitness at Think Fitness 

by Kelly Halkett – new member to Think Fitness Studios

Today is October 24th, 2011 and it might be a day that has changed my life, I conquered a fear today.  It wasn’t a fear like being afraid of heights, because yes, I have that fear as well, but it was the simple fear of exercise and more specifically personal trainers.

My husband is a huge fan of personal trainers, me up till today I could take it or leave it and apparently for the last 6 years I have left it and it was starting to show.  The last six years have been all about babies and my life got busy and I gave up with trying to keep the same fabulous beach body I had from my pre kid years.  Prior to having kids I was a gym freak, sneaking out of work early four times a week to take two buses to get to an aerobics class taught by the coveted teacher named “Donny”.  Donny, who whipped our buts into shape, didn’t care that we cried with pain and just yelled back that we were babies and we would thank him later, which we did.  I would go on weekly hikes each Friday night climbing the sides of mountains and then running back down.

So, after having a mini mid life crisis and seeing a horrible picture of myself I caved and decided that while it was fun getting fat (wine on a Tuesday night) and chubby (pizza on a Friday night) and gaining a spare tire around my mid section (indulging in dessert) it was time to declare war and take it all off.  The goal – to wear an itsy bitsy, teeny weenie, black bikini on my family vacation to the Bahamas in just over 90 days from now.  Now, the goal also means that I have to be able to totally rock it while wearing this bikini, not just get into it but rock it.

So enter, Brent Bishop and Think Fitness.  Gorgeous facility, gorgeous people everywhere you look and you would think the intimidation factor would be huge but it isn’t.  I walked in and immediately felt like hey, I can do this, this place is great!  Brent, who is now to be called Trainer God, sat with me and walked me through my consultation and we discussed my needs and goals (was looking like Halle Barry in 90 days realistic?) and he gave me an idea of what I was in for.  Then we headed out to the floor to start the training.  Was I scared, you betcha, but I also knew that I was in the best place possible and that I wasn’t going to be pushed to crazy limits or be forced to do anything that I couldn’t do.

Now, you have to understand, I am a terrible person to have to train. I complain and whine about lunges, burpees, pushups and squats and yes, we did do these exercises together today BUT… I loved them.  Brent made everything fun and amazing and all the exercises that you would normally expect to do at the gym that you hate were done in a new, fun, interactive manner that I loved.  Did it hurt?  Sure it hurt.  Did I feel the burn?  Sure I felt the burn but wow, was it great!

Weight Watchers once had an article about their starlet Jennifer Hudson and in it someone asked her what she does to stay in shape and what her exercise routine consists of and she responded: “I get to act like a kid again and do all the fun things that I did when I was a kid, like run and skip a rope.”  Well I totally get it now because today I got to do that.  I was running and throwing balls and hanging on ropes and I loved it and my body craved it.

This is a new journey for me, one that will initially last 90 days to get me to my bikini goal, but also one that is a lifetime goal and ultimately a change in lifestyle.

Brent and his crew at Think Fitness are amazing and for anyone considering a workout regime this is the place to go.  The knowledge these people have is amazing (not to mention the bodies…) but  they are a kind, low key bunch of people just there to help you achieve your goals and figure out what your goals are.

So, stay tuned to follow my daily blog updates on my training sessions with Brent and his crew at Think Fitness.  And if you think you can’t do it, just think – if this soccer mom can do it, you can do it.  

Definitely worth checking out and booking a free consultation