Staying on track after losing weight is the key to keeping it off.  Often when people have achieved weight loss goals, they can end up gaining the weight back when the challenge has ended and the goal has been attained.  Realistic and gradual weight loss over a longer period of time that focuses on lifestyle habitual changes is always most effective when it comes to sustained results 

5 Tips to stay on track

  • Keep your exercise interest-driven
  • Change the stimulus regularly 
    • Try a new class or workout routine every month 
    • Try a new activity (ie tennis or boxing)
    • Buddy Up – share the journey for added accountability and enhanced program adherence, not to mention fun! 
  • Set a Benchmark/Choose an Event every Quarter
    • improved focus and program adherence
    • experience of tangible accomplishment 
    • Altruistic goal
    • fitness/health evaluation 
    • overhaul program each quarter to keep things fresh and focussed     
  • Excuse-proof tips
    • use activity tracker
    • journal regularly and reflect
    • keep a packed gym-bag in your car 
    • make your new lifestyle as convenient as possible