• Motivation – we all need it!  Having someone be there to externally motivate you can do wonders for your success.  Not to mention   undergoing regular fitness evaluations and goal setting will help in ensuring your are tracking your progression.
    • Proper training/program planning – maximize your time and effort – you will be challenged to get outside of your comfort zone.
    • Accountability – there is power in having an appointment set, someone waiting for you and money already spent on that appointment.

Narrow your selection

  • Reputable & convenient location – A gym close by or on the way to or from work can allow for increased consistency.  In addition, if your time is very tight or the gym is not your thing, you may want to have a trainer come to you.
  • Minimum requirements are a must! You are dealing with your most important attribute – your health.  Some main points to research and consider should involve the trainer’s level and area of education, certifications, years of experience, training and personal fitness background.  In addition your trainer selection should be someone who has CPR and first aid as well as valid insurance coverage.
  • Male/female preference – some people find that they are motivated by and/or may relate better to the same gender while others may find that the opposite gender works better for them

How much is it going to cost?

  • Generally $50 – $100/hour (depending on where, who)
  • Longer packages generally give better per session rate
  • Higher price doesn’t always mean better but lower price generally attributes to less education and experience.

Do you need a gym membership?

Not necessarily.  There are generally three categories for personal training:

1) Freelance (in-home sessions; various levels of education and

experience; price does not always match quality)

2) Commercial Gym (usually less education requirements; price usually a

little lower. *required to be member

3) Personal Training Studios (specialized, more experience and education

and a little higher priced)

How do you know it’ll work for you?

Ask for a TEST DRIVE. Here’s how it should go down:

  • TEST DRIVE (should include consult and 15-20min session).  No pressure.
  • Interview the trainer.  You are hiring them not the reverse
  • Personality is also a HUGE factor
  • References – don’t be afraid to ask for them and call them.
  • Promises and expectation – what promises are being made to you and what are the expectations of you as the client in order to maximize the program success and your results?  These should be very clear right from the start.