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Consider the Stats:

Children should get a minimum of 60min of exercise/day
Childhood obesity rate has tripled within the last 25 years – parents must take action.

1. Turn screen time to lean time.  Limit television, choose programs that can inspire activity (ie. Sports, nature, etc.)

2. What’s your child’s Think Factor? – Choose activities that inspire

Must be interested in the activity to be motivated and to avoid frustration
Take into account internal and external factors – make activity relevant
Consider temperament and personality according to sport or activities
Athlete vs non-athlete (a non-athlete may be less competitive and more self conscious – perhaps karate would be better suited)
Age appropriate
3. Get creative (ex. Piggyback racing, game creation, run and fetch toys etc.)

4. Be Actively Present – Children require more stimulation nowadays – you MUST be present

5. Lead by example – parents dedicated to exercise = kids interested in exercise

6. Consider activity by age:

4-8 years old – keep it basic (i.e. non-competitive games like moving like an animal)
9-12 years old – coordination and complex movements can be enhanced.
Children generally open to competition but base this on temperament – kids receive competition differently. Ex. Activities: team sports, martial arts, running, swimming
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