Be aware of the plateau:


  • Results come to a halt
  • Fitness evaluation markers show little to no positive change
  • Workout becomes monotonous or predictable

For exercise tips – watch segment on The Marilyn Denis Show here:

Fitness Tune up – The Marilyn Denis Show

4-Step Solution:

  1. Complete a full fitness evaluation to set new and current benchmarks
  2. Program design based on your goals, interests and limitations
  3. Substitute previously lower, longer duration exercise (like walking) with higher intensity exercises (like jogging or intervals)
  4. Implement full body strength training to boost your metabolism


Additional Program Suggestions:

  1. Invest in a heart rate monitor to maximize your efforts
  2. Try implementing one new class, exercise, or routine monthly for variety
  3. Grab a partner to make your routine fun and to avoid boredom
  4. Use a fitness log to track your progression and hold yourself accountable
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