My 2013 Challenge – The Details:

Last week was Week 1 of my physical preparation for my 250km running race in Costa Rica beginning Feb 2nd, 2013. Starting a little behind schedule, I have given myself approximately 3 months to prep for this extreme test of endurance that begins along the Pacific Coast. If you are interested in knowing how I am prepping for this, the trials and tribulations and of course the race itself…I will begin with the main details:

A Note from the Race Director

“There is, in the end, an irrevocable prize and the sense of achievement for not quitting, for using every tool at your disposal in the act of propelling yourself forward, whether it’s determination, humor, humility or simple human interaction.

I believe there are lessons everywhere you look, and certainly harder ones than found at a sporting event but a challenging week like this can boil your character down swiftly and strip it bare, allowing you a glimpse of it’s strengths and weaknesses and perhaps a chance to gauge your resilience in a unique and authentic setting among new friends.”

– Race Director, The Coastal Challenge.

Race Facts:

Length of Race: 6 Days
Distance: 225-250 Kilometers
Location: The course is set along Costa Rica’s tropical Pacific coastline but weaves at times into the Talamancas, a coastal mountain range in the Southwest corner of the country. You’ll finish near the border of Panama in a serene fishing village that until recently was only accessible by boat.
Terrain: jungle and rainforest trails, mountain trail and single track across ridgelines, highlands and coastal ranges; beaches, rocky outcroppings and reefs, river and estuary crossings, and ends in Corcovado National Park, one of the premier rainforest experiences in the world as well as a Unesco World Heritage site. Much, much more. It really defies description!

Here is an intro video of the race…


Additional detail visit the race site HERE