Those of you who know me and follow my activities probably know that, even though I am a fitness expert and the founder of Think Fitness Studios, I firmly believe that it’s not all about fitness when it comes to health.  Sleep and recovery are a critical component to overall results and performance.  I believe treating sleep like it’s part of our overall training regimen goes a long way when it comes to improving sleep quality and seeing the benefits of your hard work. 

In my last blog about this topic, I provided a 100 night Endy Mattress review and shared the benefits I had personally experienced through 100 nights of comfort with my Endy.  I believe time tells and longevity speaks wonders, so I’m going to give you a recap of my experience with this mattress now I’ve had it for close to two years, and then we’ll take a deeper dive into why combining sleep with regular exercise should be part of the plan.

First, My 500-Night Review of the Endy Mattress

Lasting Quality:  For me this is the most important feature to have – I want a mattress that’s not just comfortable when I first get it, but also for years down the line.  As explained in my last blog about this topic, I had been sleeping on an expensive pillow-top mattress for many years.  What worried me was that my new Endy Mattress would wow me in the beginning but then gradually become soft and unsupportive as the months went on, like my previous mattress did.  In my first 100 days with the mattress, I witnessed not only better sleep but a reduction and eventually elimination of low back discomfort.

I remember hoping this effect would last.  It brings me great joy to say here that the ‘just right amount of firmness’ I experienced in the beginning has continued for my entire experience thus far – almost two years now!  For me, this is exceptional as I have not experienced this with another mattress to date.  When I get better sleep and no discomfort the next day, that just translates to an improved performance and the ability to continue to motivate people each day, and with the Endy, I know I’ll continue getting that for years to come.  By the way, Endy is the only mattress and pillows approved by the Canadian Chiropractic Association as they promote quality of sleep and spinal alignment.  

Keeps Me Cool:  What I love about this mattress is the cooling effect it has due to its breathability.  No matter if it’s summer or winter, when I sleep, my body tends to heat up like a furnace.  I always make sure I keep my sleeping environment dark and cool.  Having a breathable mattress helps promote a sound sleep – I’ve been well-rested consistently for the past 500 nights!  

Easy to Remove Cover:  Unlike any previous mattress I’ve had, this one not only has its own cover but it’s also super easy to remove.  Just unzip the top portion of the mattress, toss it in the wash and zip it back on! 

 But don’t just take my word for it, try Endy out for yourself! With their 100-night trial, there’s no risk. 

…Finally, Why Combining Regular Exercise with Sleep is Important

The incredible impact of exercise on our mind and body is well researched and proven.  When you improve your sleep, you also improve these great exercise attributes, from reducing the numerous negative effects of age-related muscle loss, to improving bone loss, hormone balance and even cognitive improvements.

Aim to schedule at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise 5 times per week.  The best approach is to include a combination of cardiovascular endurance and strength training to promote restorative deep sleep (phase 3).  Incorporating some stretching and deep breathing before bed too can help relax the peripheral nervous system, providing a calming effect.

Remember to always prioritize your sleep and exercise to maximize your health!