(1) Get your Mind Right

  • What we do & don’t do relies on our ability to take action which is significantly impacted by our mental state – we can change this but just taking physical action
  • When you’re physically active on a regular basis you naturally make better food choices, rest better, improve confidence etc.
  • Start Slow – Do 1/2 as much as you did when you were exercising
  • Think of this as a lifestyle change, results don’t come over night

(2) Assess:

  • Goals – be specific
  • Areas of Concern/Obstacles – consider your lifestyle as well as previous injuries etc.
  • Interests  – must be interest-driven to succeed
  • Complete a fitness evaluation & re-evaluate quarterly

(3) ActionPlan/Enlist Support: 

_  Date your goals/Schedule you’re fitness

  • increase your outcome by over 40%
  • increases accountability
  • buddy up for fun/variety

(4) Find your ‘Why’ 

  • Motivation through inspiration
  • Seasonal approach (systematic)
  • Overhaul your program every 3 months
  • Sign up for a future event/challenge
  • Try one new class/workout/routine each month

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